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SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) is the process involved in achieving high search rankings on search engines for a targeted list of keyword phrases. This is best accomplished during the development of a Web site, but can also be achieved by modifying an existing site.

Over a billion searches are run on search engines every day including Google, Yahoo, bing!. Visitors to the search engines are searching for something… is it your products or services? Without a first page ranking for keyword phrases describing your product or service, you'll fail to capture 80% of them because they'll never even look on page 2 of the results. Can you afford NOT to have your site listed on page 1?

#1 Search Ranking as a result of Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Success! Search Engine Optimization work performed for Embroidered Pelican has resulted in their achieving the #1 result in the natural search results on Google for the phrase Embroidery Tampa. #1 out of  4.1 Million results, not bad!!!

So how does BANG! optimize your Web site to achieve high search rankings? Our approach starts with keyword research to determine what keyword phrases your prospects are using to search. This should happen before design concepts, or at least before copy writing and navigation is finalized. Why? Because search engine optimization should be performed during the development of the site. SEO after the site is done is more expensive than performing SEO during development as it requires editing each page of the site again.

BANG!’s  Eight Step Process to a Higher Search Engine Ranking 

  1. Meet with the client and learn about their business and develop a “persona” of their average clients (age, gender, education, etc.). The more we know about your business and customers, the more effective the site will be in connecting with and delivering the right message to your prospects.
  2. Research which keyword phrases your customers actually search with (as example, "search engine optimization" vs. "search engine positioning."). Our tools enable us to ask Google which phrases are searched the most.
  3. Now, design and develop search engine optimized pages for the keyword phrases uncovered in our research.
  4. Either work with copy you've provided (after learning Web copywriting techniques based on our instruction) or have a professional Web copy writer write the copy for the Web site with keyword phrases in the right balance. Low keyword density (the frequency the phrase is used on the page) results in low rankings. Too high a density and the search engines will penalize you, with low rankings.
  5. Ensure keyword phrases are in the right place on the page. In example, keyword phrases that start a paragraph count more than the same phrase buried later in the sentence. A subtle difference but this is a highly competitive task we are involved in. You may be fighting for one of the top 10 spots out of millions of results!
  6. Within the site, make sure internal links use your keyword phrases for navigation. As an example... Web site design guarantee.
  7. Generate (many of our sites do this automatically) and submit to the search engines an XML site map that lists and links to every page in the site.
  8. Link building. While its a lot of work, getting links from related sites to yours is an important step in increasing your rankings. The text content on your site is only one factor in ranking a site. Inbound links from other related sites and using the keyword phrases to create the links (anchor text) are often critical in achieving high rankings.

Analyze your search rankings... modify if necessary... analyze... modify again... repeat the process. The perfect keyword phrases will often change over time and your prospects will use these new phrases to find you. Failure to change with them will result in reduced traffic to the site. SEO is an ongoing process, not a do it once and forget process. SEO should adapt with the changes in your industry. Frankly, Google will award sites that make frequent updates with high rankings anyway... Fresh is better! A site never updated often quickly is pushed from page 1 of the results.

Search Engine Optimization by BANG! gets results and we'll document it!

Besides tools to research the right keyword phrases, we also have tools to determine your site’s ranking on multiple search engines. Retrieving this information yourself could take hours. And ranking results change regularly, you'll have to repeat this process to determine your current position.

Is this the best use of your time? Doesn't it make more sense to have BANG! increase your rankings and grow your Web site traffic while you concentrate on growing your business?

Our professional staff has been developing Web sites for companies like yours since 1996. Everyday, we analyze what works in Search Engine Optimization / SEO. Because some SEO firms use shady tactics to "cheat" in the rankings, search engines constantly change their formulas for ranking. This makes SEO an endless task of analysis, modification and checking results.

Answer this:. "If the traffic to my site doubled, tripled or increased by ten times... what would that do for my sales and bottom line? How many sales would it really take to cover this reasonable investment in hiring BANG!? to do your SEO" For most clients, the ROI (return on investment) happens quickly and lasts for a long time.

Why are you waiting? Contact us now! The quicker we get started, the sooner our work will result in increased traffic to your site.

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