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How well is your Web site working?

Is your Web site ranked well on search engines like Google and Yahoo when searching for products you carry or services you provide?

Does the site position your firm as THE best choice among your competitors both on-line and off?

Is the site easy to navigate? Is information easy to find? Quickly? Can site visitors do a keyword search to find specific words amongst the many pages?

When was the site last updated to current Web standards? Been more than two years?

And the real "acid test", is it meeting your goals for generating leads or closing sales? Or is it just a black hole in cyberspace sucking up your marketing dollars?

If these questions make you uncomfortable better call BANG! right now for a free consultation for a Web site redesign!

The Unique Challenges When Redesigning a Web Site

Besides the typical concerns over the look, performance and search engine optimization factors of the site, a redesign has additional challenges. For example, how will the new site handle visitors who have bookmarked or added your site as a favorite? What will Google see when you launch the site and they send their spider to index your site again?

If handled improperly, both visitors and search engines will get the business-stopping 404 Page Not Found error...

Web Site Redesign - Unintended results can occur...

Go to Google? Sure that's a great way to NOT treat your customers! Redirecting visitors and spiders to the redesigned new pages isn't hard. At least, a custom 404 page that provides clear navigation to the sites content should be provided. Easy? Yes! Overlooked? Frequently!

Give the task of redesigning your Website to the experts at BANG! With experience since 1996 in dealing with the challenges of Web site redesigns, we won't disappoint. In fact we'll provide measurable results, guaranteed! Contact Us via e-mail, Request A Quote, call us at 928-493-3480 or 1-800-801-9576.

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BANG! Web site design serves clients across the nation from four locations including Prescott Arizona and provides Web site redesign services to companies large and small across the U.S.A..

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BANG! did a fantastic job of building our Web site

BANG! did a fantastic job of building our Web site. They correctly portrayed the right image we wanted to present to our customers and we use the site regularly to showcase our work to prospective customers. The process was painless and I look forward to adding a couple more pages to the site soon." - Marc Vetere, Manzanita Landscaping Inc.

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